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AWB Butterfly Deployant Clasp - Goldtone Matte

$ 45.00

Butterfly style deployant clasp with push button release on the sides. Crafted from quality stainless steel with a matte goldtone finish. Deployant clasps help to preserve your watch strap lifespan.

How does it help: The clasp stays locked into the strap length hole and the push button releases the clasp from the buckle piece. With a traditional watch strap buckle, there is the usual pulling, bending and creasing to buckle the strap. A deployant clasp reduces the need for this strap friction, therefore preserving the strap's integrity longer.  

To determine sizing: make sure to measure the buckle end of your strap (aka the end furthest from your watch case), not the end of the strap that attaches to your watch. Most of our straps are tapered, meaning the strap size (or lug size) is larger than the buckle size. For example, many 20mm straps taper to a 18mm buckle size. Buckle sizes for particular straps are noted on our strap product pages.